Setting Up Electronic Delivery

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Electronic Delivery uses the ILLiad Odyssey Manager and the Odyssey Protocol on port 7968 to move the various electronic documents from the ILLiad client machines to the server, and for Lending requests, from the server to other ILLiad servers.

Electronic Delivery Keys

The following keys need to be set before Electronic Delivery will function properly. These keys can be found in the ILLiad Customization Manager under Borrowing | Electronic Delivery.


This is the number of days before Electronic Delivery .pdf files are deleted from the server. This key is used by the Electronic Delivery Cleanup program to determine which files should be deleted.

Example: 30, 15


If set to Yes ILLiad will also match Electronic Delivery items on negative numbers to accommodate Rapid numbers.

Example: Yes, No


To store your .pdf files in some location other than the pdf folder under the ILLiad web folder, choose Yes. Otherwise, choose No. If RemotePDFStorage is set to Yes, the DLL automatically looks for the .pdf files in the path specified in the WebPDFPath key. If set to No, it will look in the pdf subfolder where the DLL is running (ex. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad\pdf).

Example: Yes, No


This is the location on the server of the pdf folder if you use the RemotePDFStorage key. This key is used by the Odyssey Protocol as the location to move PDFs during Odyssey processing and by the DLL and the System Manager to locate PDF files. This key is not used by the ILLiad DLL unless the RemotePDFStorage key is set to Yes.

Example: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad\pdf\

The Electronic Delivery Temp Folder

This is the local path on the Electronic Delivery client machine to store Electronic Delivery files during processing. The default ElecDel folder is created automatically in the location where the ILLiad client is running, i.e, c:\illiad\elecdel\.

Create the Electronic Delivery Folder

You have the option of using the default PDF folder that is created by the ILLiad Server Setup program, or creating some other folder elsewhere on the ILLiad Web server for this purpose. To store your .pdf files in some location other than the PDF folder under the ILLiad web folder, you will have to enable RemotePDFStorage in the Customization Manager. PDF files must be stored on the physical Web server so that the Web PDF Path is a local path.


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