Delivering Articles Electronically

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Once the transactions are in the Review queue and any required manipulation of the electronic pages is complete, click the Deliver button to convert any TIF files to PDF format and deliver the electronic documents to the webserver.

ILLiad Electronic Delivery uses the Odyssey Protocol to send the request to the server, where the server converts TIF items to PDF, attaches the coversheet (optional), emails the customer, and moves the document to the PDF folder. A progress bar at the bottom of the form keeps you informed of the transmission status.


When the article is processed as delivered, ILLiad emails notification to the customer and delivers the PDF file to the ILLiad server where it may be accessed by the customer.

Lender Notes

Notes attached to an electronic article from the lending institution during Lending scanning will transfer to the borrower as Lender Notes. These notes display on the Electronic Delivery Processing form and are visible to ILL staff in the ILLiad client transaction record. They are not visible to customers using the ILLiad web pages.

If you wish these Lender Notes to be visible on the Detailed Information page of the customer web pages, you may edit the value of the WebTNNotesFilter key in the Customization table. Removing the value of 'Lender' from the current key value will eliminate that value from the filter and make those notes visible to the ILLiad customer.

This only applies to Odyssey's documents. There is no way to attach ILLiad Lender Notes for Ariel documents.

Multi-part Electronic Delivery Transmissions

  1. Process the first portion of the article and deliver it as you would normally.
  2. Rename the resulting PDF file temporarily so that it will not be overwritten.
  3. Process the second portion of the article and deliver it as you would normally.
  4. If more than two article portions were received, repeat the above steps as needed for any subsequent article sections.
  5. Open Adobe Acrobat and insert the pages from the second portion of the article into the first.
  6. Repeat for any additional article portions.
  7. Rename the completed article using the usual formula: TransactionNumber.pdf (example: 45287.pdf).

When Electronic Articles Arrive

If an electronically delivered item arrives via Odyssey, and the conditions for Trusted Delivery are met, then the article is automatically converted to PDF format (if sent as a TIF file), the customer is notified, and the item is delivered to the web, without any staff intervention through the ILLiad Client.

Overriding Trusted Delivery

Trusted Senders have the option to disable their trusted sender status on a per-item basis if they feel the need to do so for "special case" items. This is the Trusted Sender's means to let the Borrower know that a particular item requires special attention. If an item arrives marked this way by a trusted sender, it will go into the client for manual processing from the Electronic Delivery Processing form, regardless of the value set for the OdysseyAutoElecDel key.

Manually Sending-Resending an Electronic Delivery Notification

If there is a need to do so, you can send or resend the Odyssey Electronic Delivery notification email for a transaction by pulling up the transaction Request Form and selecting Send Delivery Notification from the Process section of the Borrowing Processing ribbon.







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