OCLC Article Exchange Receiving

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OCLC has developed Article Exchange as a service for OCLC lending libraries to post electronic documents and expedite their delivery to other libraries. For more information about Article Exchange, visit the OCLC website.

Within ILLiad, you can send and receive articles using Article Exchange. ILLiad will communicate with the Article Exchange service to route requests to the correct queues and update the OCLC status automatically.

To utilize Article Exchange features in ILLiad 8.4 and higher, you will need to obtain a WSKey and secret from OCLC. You will also need to make some additional configurations in the ILLiad Customization Manager. See Configuring Article Exchange Integration and Requesting a WSKey from OCLC for more information.

Receiving OCLC Requests

When an OCLC article request is sent to your library through Article Exchange, ILLiad will automatically recognize this and will match the article with the correct ILLiad transaction number, download the article, and route the request to the designated queue. The Trusted Sender value you have chosen for the ArticleExchangeTrusted key in the Customization Manager will determine your workflow.

Trusted Sender - Always

If your Trusted Sender value is set to Always, ILLiad will complete this process completely automatically, without any staff intervention. The article will be downloaded to the correct location, the OCLC status will be updated, and your patron will be notified. This option will prevent staff from reviewing the article before delivery to the patron.

Enabling the Electronic Delivery Method for Patrons

Even when Trusted Sender is set to Always, ILLiad will only complete the article delivery process automatically for users who are configured to accept the electronic delivery method for articles. This is generally done by default by using a hidden input on the user registration forms to set the Web field on the patron's User record to Yes

<input type="hidden" name="WebDeliveryGroup" value="Yes">

If your institution has changed the default settings and instead allows patrons to select either "Yes" or "No" for this option, then you can check the value in the Web field for an individual patron by looking at the Electronic Delivery field on the User form in the ILLiad Client:


If this field is not set to Yes, then article requests from the patron will be routed to Awaiting Odyssey Processing when using Article Exchange and will not be automatically delivered with a status of Delivered To Web.

Trusted Sender - Never or Trusted

If your Trusted Sender value is set to Trusted or Never:

  1. ILLiad will pull the Article Exchange URL and Password from the Alert field in the OCLC Record and move the article to the correct location.
  2. The request will temporarily go to the status of Awaiting Article Exchange Retrieval.
  3. Once the article is retrieved from Article Exchange, you can process it through Electronic Delivery.
  4. In the Borrowing ribbon, click Electronic Delivery.
  5. Click Process Files and process them as you would with Odyssey and other files.

You may see requests in the status of "Awaiting Article Exchange Review." Requests will go here if there were errors retrieving the file from the Article Exchange server. Most often this happens when the file is not a TIFF or PDF file. There should be a note in ILLiad with some indication of the problem. If it is due to a temporary issue, you can try re-routing the request to Awaiting Article Exchange Retrieval. If it is due to invalid file types or if it has come into that queue more than one time, you will want to manually process the request like you would for Non-OCLC Requests.

Receiving Non-OCLC Requests

For non-OCLC requests, you will need to check in these articles manually. You will receive an email from the lending library with the Article Exchange URL and password which you will need to complete this process. Once the article is checked in, ILLiad will automatically pull the article from Article Exchange, place it in the correct location, and notify the patron.

  1. Under the Borrowing ribbon, click on Check In From Lending Library.
  2. Search for and locate the correct transaction.
  3. Copy the URL you received in the email from the lending library and enter it into the Article Exchange URL box.
  4. Copy the password you received in the email and enter it into the Article Exchange Password box.
  5. Click Check In.
    This request will be temporarily moved to the queue Awaiting Article Exchange Retrieval. After a short amount of time, the system will automatically move the request to Delivered to Web and notify the patron.

Awaiting Article Exchange Retrieval

Awaiting Article Exchange Retrieval is a queue in the Article Exchange workflow for borrowing. The status usually occurs right before the Delivered to Web status. In addition, if a temporary issue exists, you can re-route the request this status.

If this queue is not available for routing, the status will have to be added as a custom queue. For more information on adding custom queues, please see the Creating Custom Queues article.



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