Importing Articles into ILLiad for Processing

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The Process Files button on the Electronic Delivery form imports Odyssey requests (from the ILLiad server) as well as Ariel requests (from the specified Ariel directory). Once electronic articles are imported into the ILLiad client for processing, the process is the same regardless of the origin of the electronic articles. The only real difference is that Odyssey articles contain more information about ILLiad transactions, so the system can perform some of the processing for you automatically.

Once you have imported Electronic Delivery items into the ILLiad client, you must process all articles that are already in the Electronic Delivery queues on that client before importing any more electronic articles.

If You Process Only Odyssey Articles

Clicking the Process Files button on the Electronic Delivery form imports the Odyssey electronic article files and list the corresponding transactions in either the Review panel or the Print panel, depending on customer delivery preference, in the bottom left corner of the Electronic Delivery form.

Odyssey requests sent from an ILLiad server will always match an existing ILLiad transaction in the database. No manual matching of electronic documents to existing transactions or IP addresses to Lender symbols is required. Odyssey requests sent from an Odyssey stand-alone machine may need to be matched to ILLiad transactions if the information was entered incorrectly during the sending process.

If You Process Ariel Articles in Addition to Odyssey

Disable Ariel receiving on the Electronic Delivery processing machine temporarily prior to importing the Electronic Delivery files from Ariel and/or Odyssey. This is a temporary measure to prevent accidentally deleting an Ariel document that has not yet been completely received by the Ariel machine during the import process. Once the Ariel articles are imported into the ILLiad client and the Ariel In queue is cleared, Ariel will need to be re-enabled to receive further article transmissions. You may stop Ariel receiving by changing a setting within the Ariel program, or by exiting Ariel altogether. Some institutions using the "stop Ariel receiving" method have reported problems with Ariel being "confused" after re-enabling receiving. If this causes problems with your institution's Ariel system, we recommend exiting Ariel instead.

Import Electronic Documents for Processing

Clicking the Process Files button on the Electronic Delivery form imports both the Odyssey and Ariel files from their respective locations and clear out the Ariel Received queue.

Re-Enable Ariel

Once the items have imported into ILLiad, re-enable Ariel receiving or relaunch Ariel as appropriate. The Ariel Received queue should now be empty.

Importing Docline Requests for Odyssey Standalone Sites

If no borrower transaction number is found on a request identified as an Odyssey request, ILLiad assigns a default borrower transaction number of -1, allowing lenders to process the request as though a transaction number had been found. ILLiad also assigns a transaction number of -1 if an Odyssey address is found in the EmailAddresss, Verified, or BorrowingNotes fields. 


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