Matching Electronic Delivery Articles

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When articles are imported into Electronic Delivery, they are routed to one of four possible queues: No ILL Number match, No Ariel Lender Match, Review, or Print.

No ILL Number Match

This queue contains articles that come in via Odyssey with no resolvable ILL Number information in the Document ID field. Odyssey attempts to match incoming documents to the corresponding ILLiad request. If Odyssey cannot match up the document to the transaction, they will need to be matched manually to an existing transaction record in ILLiad for the process to continue. 

Selecting an Article

  1. On the Borrowing Ribbon, click the Electronic Delivery button, then select Process Electronic Delivery.

  2. The Electronic Delivery form will open up. Documents that could not be matched to an ILLiad request will display in the No ILL Number Match field.

  3. Click the temporary ID to highlight the request and view the article thumbnail in the Document pane.
  4. Review the document and determine the ILL number or transaction number that matches the Odyssey article.
  5. Enter the transaction number or ILL number in TN or ILL Field below the No ILL Number Match box.
  6. Click the Match ILL Number button in the electronic delivery ribbon to link the article to the ILLiad request. 

Attaching Lender Info

Odyssey will attempt to match the IP address in the temporary ID to a lender in the request lender string. If the item was delivered by a known lender in the lender string, the request will be placed into the Review list on the Electronic Delivery form. If the transaction was not moved to the Review list, skip to the Sending the Matched Article section below.

  1. If you have not previously received a document from the sending library, you will need to Attach Lender Info.
    1. In the No Ariel Lender Match box, click the transaction number to highlight the request.
    2. The Lender box will then populate with the lender options based on the request’s lender string.
    3. Select the radio button (RadioButton.png) of the appropriate lending library and then click the Attach Lender Info button (AttachLenderInfo.png).
    4. The request will then move to the Review list at the bottom of the window.
    5. Click the TN in the Review list view and edit as need with the Document Editing Features.
      1. NOTE: Editing Features may not be available if documents were not delivered as a .tiff file.
      2. All Odyssey documents that did match correctly or need additional information will be in this Review list.

Sending the Matched Article

  1. Click the Deliver button (Deliver.png) on the Electronic Delivery ribbon. ILLiad will automatically perform the following actions:
    • Item will be made available from the patron's web account until the patron deletes the file or until the expiry date as set in the Customization Manager.
    • Patron will be notified by email of item availability.
    • The ILLiad status will be updated to Delivered to Web.
    • The OCLC status will be updated to Complete.



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