Signing into a User's Web Account from the Client

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The Logon to Web button, located on the User form, allows staff to log into a user's web account, view the information as the user sees it, and assist the user with the web pages or placing requests. When the button is clicked, the staff user is taken to the Main Menu of the user's web account. If the user has Instructor privileges, Instructor mode is displayed. If the user is currently logged into the web account when staff attempts to access, a popup message will ask the staff user if they want to proceed with the login. Replying Yes ends the user's web session and logs the staff user into the account. Replying No returns you to the user form. Tracking of staff logged into user accounts via the Logon to Web feature is maintained in the EventLog.

RemoteAuth and the StaffProxyWebURL Key

The purpose of this key is to allow sites using RemoteAuth to enter a value (the Ares URL) and bypass their ISAPI filter. By default, this key (found under Web | General in the Ares Customization Manager) is left empty, and staff log in to the web session via the system URL. This key is not used unless a value is assigned.


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