Cancelling Borrowing Requests

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At almost any point in processing an ILLiad request, you can cancel it using the Reason for Cancellation form. You can get to this form from many places within the ILLiad client. If the request has already been ordered through OCLC, you may also need to cancel the OCLC request.

Cancelling the ILLiad Request

To cancel an ILLiad request from the Request form:

  1. Click the Cancel Request button on the top left.
  2. Select a Reason for Cancellation from the drop-down menu.
  3. If you want to send a notification email to the customer, check the Send Email checkbox.
  4. If you want to edit the email before sending, check the Edit Email checkbox.
  5. If you want to print a borrowing cancellation notice, check the Move to Print Queue checkbox.
  6. Click the Cancel Request button. The request will move to the Cancelled by ILL Staff queue.

If you click the Send Email and Edit Email options and proceed to cancel the request, these options will be saved on the local computer for the logged-in Windows username. They will remain selected by default for all subsequent request cancellations.

Reasons for Cancellation

The selected Reason for Cancellation and an accompanying note will be saved in ILLiad and will be included as part of the email if an email is sent to the customer receiving the cancellation. See Borrowing Reasons for Cancellation for more information.

Cancelling the OCLC Request

If you have created an OCLC Request, you will need to cancel that in a separate process.

In the following situations, you DO NOT need to cancel the OCLC request:

  1. The item has not yet been ordered on OCLC.
  2. The ILLiad request is in Unfilled status and the OCLC request is in Exhausted status.

Before cancelling the OCLC request, you need to know what the OCLC status of the request is. Check the status of the OCLC request by clicking on the OCLC Request tab, then clicking Show Request. You can also view the status on the OCLC Status field on the main form.

Pending/Submitting Status

If the status is Submitting or Pending, you will need to cancel the OCLC request.

  1. Open the Request and click on the OCLC tab on the main ribbon.
  2. Click the Show Request button. This opens the OCLC Work Form for the request.
  3. Click the Delete button in the Process section of the ribbon.
  4. A popup will ask if you are sure you want to permanently remove the request. Click Yes to continue.
  5. The OCLC Work Form closes and you are returned to the request. Cancel the transaction in ILLiad as you would normally.

Shipped Status

If the status is Shipped or another that would indicate the lending library has sent the materials, best practice would indicate that you do not cancel the request but process and return the item without circulating it to your patron. You may want to consider using a Custom Queue or flag in order to manage the request outside your routine workflow.

Requests Cancelled by a Patron after Request Has Been Processed

  1. On the Check-In from Lending Library window, deactivate the Send Only button from the ribbon by clicking on it. The background will change and no longer be highlighted.
  2. You can then search for the request and process the Check-In from Lending Library as normal. 
  3. Immediately, finish the request processing with the Check-In (from patron) process as if the item had circulated to the patron. You will receive a flag message noting that the request is not in the expected queue, but proceed with the process
    1. It is important to use these steps and not manual routing because these processes will correctly update the OCLC request.
  4. The item can then be returned to the lending library as normal. 


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