Printing Electronic Delivery Articles

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To print one of these articles, click on an item in the Print queue. In the upper area of the Electronic Delivery form, the Request Information for the selected transaction number will be displayed. If you want to see more information about the record, clicking the View button will take you to the Request Form for the selected transaction. Verify that you have the correct article and that it is legible. When everything looks correct, click the Print/Check In button. This will send the article to the printer and check it in from the lender in ILLiad.

In ILLiad 8.7, items will merge and open in Word when reprinting sessions, even if the Start-Up Option “Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view” is checked.

The Print Queue

This queue is for items that have matched both an ILLiad transaction record and a Lender symbol, but the customer does not want to use Electronic Delivery. Items that are in this queue need to be reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and readability. Once they have been reviewed, and edited if necessary, these articles should be printed and delivered to the customer.

As a part of the print process, these items are automatically checked in to ILLiad from the lending library and are moved to the Awaiting Post Receipt Processing queue for normal check-in processing.


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