Fulfilling Borrowing Requests via Document Delivery

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The challenges of the extended closures have increased the need for Document Delivery services to provide your materials to your patrons. ILLiad's Doc Del module is designed specifically for this purpose. If you haven't been using Doc Del, this may be a great opportunity to start using it.

Routing in the Client

When you are initially vetting borrowing requests and discover the item is available in your collection, you can cancel the request and let the user know that the item is available or send a link. However, managing requests this way will add a cancelation to your statistics even though you provided access to the item, just not through ILL.

ILLiad has a couple of different ways to manage this situation and still get credit for fulfillment.



Create an email routing template to notify the patron that the item was available in the library and a hold has been placed for the material. In the email routing rule, do not add a value to the DefaultStatus field. The status update will be updated in the client.


  • Discover the item is available and place a hold for the patron using the ILS.
  • Select the email notification from the Send Notification.
  • Route the request with the bottom half of the Route to Document Delivery button to the Request Finished status.
  • The physical item will then be tracked through normal circulation.


Articles in Print Collections


  • Add the Call Number and Location information and save the request.
  • Route the request with the bottom half of the Route to Document Delivery button to Awaiting DD Stacks Searching.
  • Staff can then process normally with the Doc Del fulfillment process.

Articles in Electronic Collections


  1. Save the article with the Transaction Number as the file name.
  2. Copy the Transaction Number to your clipboard.
  3. Route the request with the bottom half of the Route to Document Delivery button to In DD Stacks Searching.
  4. From the Doc Del processing ribbon select Update Stacks Search.
  5. Pull up the request with the Transaction Number.
  6. Click Mark Found Scan Now.
  7. Import the saved article.
  8. Click Send Via Odyssey.

If you want an even more streamlined workflow for electronic articles, implement the Electronic Delivery Utility in Auto Mode, which will allow the system to complete steps 4-8 for you automatically.


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