Processing Requests: Printing Doc Del Pull Slips

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Once items have been successfully searched in your OPAC and routed to Document Delivery, you can print pull Slips and/or Labels to go with the items. Depending on the nature of the items requested and your institutional policies for Interlibrary Loan, to print one or more of the following:

  • Article Slips - DocDelArticleSlips.doc
  • Loan Labels - DocDelLoanLabels.doc
  • Article Mailing Labels - DocDelArticleMailingLabels.doc
  • Loan Mailing Labels - DocDelLoanMailingLabels.doc

Printing Pull Slips

  1. On the ILLiad main screen, click on the Document Delivery ribbon.
  2. Click Print Pull Slips.
  3. Items in the Awaiting DD Stacks Searching queue will be printed and moved to the status of In DD Stacks Searching.
  4. Use the printed pull slips to retrieve items from your library's collection.


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