Troubleshooting Errors When Submitting Requests from Edit Request Form

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Product Aeon
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When attempting to submit a request from its corresponding edit form on the Aeon web interface, the request fails to go through and the SLTransactionOwnershipError status line displays (default text: "You may only manage requests that were created by you or for you by your proxy."):


The Aeon DLL logs will also display the following messages:

TWebModuleMain (6752) - The transaction number could not be converted to an integer.
TWebModuleMain (6752) - User "<username>" tried to edit or otherwise modify transaction number which they do not control.


This error is caused when the hidden input for the TransactionNumber field is missing on the corresponding edit form for the type of request experiencing the issue. For example, if the issue is occurring for requests submitted with the DefaultRequest.html form, then this means that the EditDefaultRequest.html form is missing the hidden input.

To resolve the issue, add the following line of code to the affected edit form anywhere near the top of the form where the other hidden inputs are located:

<input type="hidden" name="TransactionNumber" value="<#PARAM name='TransactionNumber'>">


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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