Cancelling Active Requests and Removing Items from Hold

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Active loan and photoduplication requests can be cancelled by the researcher from within the Aeon web account. The state of the active request determines if the request can be cancelled by the researcher.

Determining Which Requests Can Be Cancelled

Loan Requests

Researchers can cancel loan requests as long as the request has not moved to In Item Retrieval. If there is an entry in the Tracking log for In Item Retrieval, the request cannot be cancelled and there will be no Cancel Request command on the Transaction form.

In addition, requests cannot be cancelled if the current state matches any of the following:

  • Request Finished
  • Cancelled by User
  • Cancelled by Staff
  • Item Checked Out
  • On Hold
  • On Hold for Activity

A customization key in the Aeon DLL, WebCancelAfterProcess, tells the system to check for the In Item Retrieval state in the Tracking Log and prohibits cancellations from the web if it is found. This key is set to No by default.

Photoduplication Requests

Photoduplication requests can be cancelled up until the researcher has paid photoduplication charges and they are recorded in billing. In addition, photoduplication requests cannot be cancelled if they are in a state of Request Finished, Cancelled by User, Cancelled by Staff or Item Delivered.

Cancelling the Requests

To cancel active loan or photoduplication requests:

  1. Click on the Transaction Number in the Outstanding Requests grid to open the transaction information form.

  2. Click on the Cancel Request link.

  3. The request moves to the Cancelled Requests grid and a message notifies the user the request has been cancelled. The request can be resubmitted from the Cancelled Requests menu option.

Removing Loan Requests from Hold

Loan requests at a status of On Hold or On Hold for Activity can be removed from hold using the Remove From Hold command on the transaction information form. Removing a request from hold places it at a status of Remove From Hold. This status notifies staff that the user no longer needs the item and it can be returned to the shelf.




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