Importing Lending Requests

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-- Rush and Urgent Patient Care requests must be receipted the same day they are routed.

-- Normal requested must be receipted within one business day after routing.

As of ILLiad 9.0.3 and 8.7.3, ILLiad will now support importing to multiple fields within the FieldTranslationField. The default for importing PMID is currently set to both ESPNumber and PMID fields. Please see Field Translation for instructions on how to implement the changes.

A new LendingFieldTranslation.xml file contains mappings of fields that are parsed from Docline receipt pages to the ILLiad transaction fields.

Click on the video below for a quick tutorial on Lending Importing (no audio):

Importing Requests within the ILLiad Client 

When importing requests, only use the buttons on the ILLiad client ribbon and not the buttons in the Docline HTML page. If you click on a button in the Docline HTML page such as the 'Receipt Request' button, your requests WILL NOT be imported into ILLiad.
  1. From the ILLiad main menu, click on the Lending tab.
  2. Click the Import Docline Requests button on the client ribbon.
    • The Docline HTML home page will open within the client.
  3. Click the Import All Requests button on the client Ribbon.DOCLINElendingimport.jpg
  4. The screen will automatically switch to the receipted page after all the items have been imported.
    • Note: The importing is not complete until the client says Completed at the bottom of the client.importing.png
  5. Click the X on the Docline Lending tab when you have finished importing request.
  6. Select the Lending tab under Main to see the Awaiting Lending Request Processing queue with the newly imported requests.
  7. Process the request(s). See Processing Lending Docline Requests for more information on processing.

Importing a Specific Type of Request

To import one request at a time:

  1. Navigate to the receipt page within the Docline browser in the ILLiad client.
  2. Click the Import and Receipt Current Page button.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Import and Receipt Current Page- import and mark request as receipted
    • Import Current Page- importing only







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