Exporting Course Information

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Instructors and Proxy Instructors can export course information to an Excel file using the Export Course Info menu option. Included in the spreadsheet are course and item information for the selected Ares course. The Export Course Info link is available only to Instructors and Proxy Instructors. Clicking the Export Course Info link, located on the Instructor Course Tools and Proxy Course Tools menus, downloads an Excel (.xls) file to the user's local machine. The Excel spreadsheet contains the following three workbooks:

  1. Details: Displays course details such as Course ID, Name, Description, Semester, etc. Column A of the spreadsheet contains all fields from the Courses table, while Column B shows the values in those fields for that particular course.
  2. Items: Displays item information such as Item ID, Pickup Location, Processing Location, Current Status, etc. Row 1 contains all fields from the Items table. All items associated with the course are listed in the remaining rows.

The Excel file is automatically named according to the ID of the selected course in the format Course[CourseID].xls. For example, Course41.xls.

The Export Course Info link is included in the Ares 4.0 and higher web pages. Existing sites will need to use the new pages or edit their existing pages.

Exporting Course Information to Excel

To download course information to an Excel file as an Instructor or Proxy Instructor:

  1. Navigate to the Instructor Course Tools Menu or Proxy Course Tools Menu for the course that you want to export to Excel.
  2. Click the Export Course Info link found under the appropriate menu as listed in Step 1.
  3. The course information automatically downloads to an excel file on the local machine.
  4. Double-clicking the excel file opens the document.
  5. Instructors can then print or save the file to the desired location.

Customizing the Export Course Info Form

Sites wanting to customize the information displayed in the Course Information export file can use .txt files to define the course and item queries. The two .txt files, CourseDetailExportQuery.txt and CourseItemsExportQuery.txt, when placed in the Ares web folder, override the default predefined queries. Using these queries you can define the fields you want to display, the filters that are applied to exported data, and how field names should be presented. This CourseDetailExportQuery.txt example creates a Details worksheet that displays only the course name and course number; the name is displayed as Course Name as defined in the query.

SELECT Name as [Course Name], CourseNumber FROM Courses WHERE CourseId = <#CourseID>

The CourseItemsExportQuery.txt example creates an Items worksheet that displays only the item title; the title is displayed as Item Title as defined in the query.

SELECT Title as [Item Title] FROM Items WHERE CourseId = <#CourseID>


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