Editing Course Information

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Staff can update information about a course on the Course form. Along with editing specific information, adding users or proxies, or editing items reserved for a course, staff can clone and delete courses and add new items to a course from the Course form. Locate the course using the Search Courses feature. Click one of the courses in the list of results to open the Course form. You can also access the Course form from within the Instructor's User form.

Editing Course Information

Changes to course information are made on the Course form. Make changes to the basic course information by editing the fields located under the Details tab. In addition to the Details tab, there are three other tabs available on the form; each tab allows staff to view and edit specific course information. On the Course form, you can clone and delete courses, add and edit course items, add and delete course users (including designating course proxies), and add and remove cross-listings.

Updating Course Start and Stop Dates

When changes are made to a course's Start and Stop dates, the changes are automatically updated to associated items with the same beginning and end dates (Active and Inactive Date). If the start and stop dates of the item are different those of the course, the item dates are not changed. If the Active or Inactive dates of an item fall outside of the course dates, the item is flagged with an Invalid Active Dates status. Note that if changes are made to a semester's Start and End dates, the changes are automatically updated to courses, and associated items, with the same beginning and ending dates.


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