Deleting Courses

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Deleting a course from Ares removes the course from the database. Courses are deleted from the Course form using the Delete Course button located on the Home ribbon of the Details tab. Deleting a course from Ares removes the course record from the database along with all related items and history, including cross listings, course users, course user subscriptions and authorizations, and message boards.

Items are deleted from the course one by one; if an item cannot be deleted, such as an item with rights status pending through the CCC, the deletion process is halted. Any items already deleted are permanently deleted. All remaining items must be deleted manually. Deleting a course is an irreversible action and cannot be undone.

Deleting a Course from the Course Form

Delete courses quickly from the Course form in the Ares client.

  1. Click the Delete Course button on the Home ribbon of the Course form.
  2. A popup warning prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the course. Click Yes to delete the course.
  3. Clicking Yes removes the course and all related items and history, and closes the Course form.

Database Tables Affected by Course Deletion

The following tables are affected when a course is deleted from the database:

  • Courses
  • CrossListCourse
  • CourseUsers
  • CourseUserSubscription
  • CourseUserAuthorization
  • MessageBoard


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