Changing File Types for Processing Electronic Items

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There are two queues that alert staff to requests that contain attachments or web links that need to be verified. There are several reasons you may want to verify file types.

Awaiting File Type Resolution

If the item is of a file extension that is not known to the Ares system it will be placed in Awaiting File Type Resolution. Reserves staff can use a website such as to access a listing of file extensions and their corresponding file type. If the file extension given is acceptable, then staff can route the item to Item Available on Electronic Reserves to post the item to the website where it can be viewed. If it is not acceptable, the item can be cancelled.

New and acceptable file extensions should be added to the DocumentTypes table in the customization manager. This table lists acceptable file extensions for your Ares system and adds them to your web interface so future items of the same file type will be accepted by Ares. 

Awaiting Review by Staff 

This status stores those requests with electronic attachments or web links that have been configured in the customization manager to be reviewed by staff before posting. These are attachments that Ares recognizes as a valid file type with a value of True in the ForceReview column of the DocumentType table. Storing the items here alerts staff that there are items that they may want to review before posting.

Review might be required to make sure a .wmv file is really for a course and not a pirated movie or something otherwise inappropriate. The file may also need to be reviewed for size if that is a limitation on your Ares server. If the file is acceptable it can be routed to Item Available on Electronic Reserves and posted to the web. If it is not acceptable, it can be cancelled.

Changing an Uploaded File to a Website

To change a file uploaded by an Instructor to a website URL, first open the reserve item record in the Ares client. If you have configured Ares to force review on items uploaded by Instructors, the reserve item record will be in the Awaiting Review by Staff queue.

  1. Change the Ares Location value from the file name of the uploaded document, (such as 4.jpg) to the URL of the article on the web, for example,
  2. Change the Document Type value to Web Page Link using the field dropdown selection.
  3. To make the item available, change the status to Item Available on Electronic Reserves.


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