Marking Physical Items for Retrieval from Stacks

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The Find on Shelves button routes items to the Awaiting Stacks Searching queue. The top portion of the button routes the item to the current processing site listed on the Item form. The bottom portion of the button displays a popup menu showing all available processing sites for your institution if they exist. Clicking the Find on Shelves button updates the item's status to Awaiting Stacks Searching and, if the processing site is changed, updates the Processing Location field on the Item form. The Item form closes automatically when the Find on Shelves button is clicked. Any unsaved changes you have made to the item form are automatically saved when the Find on Shelves button is clicked. 

Requiring a Call Number

A call number may be required before an item can be routed to Awaiting Stacks Searching. If a call number is required and does not exist, an error message appears to remind staff to enter the call number before routing the request. This setting is controlled by the CallNumberRequired key in the Ares Customization Manager.


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