Instructor Uploads Material or Links to Web for Electronic Processing

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When a faculty member submits a new Item request and opts to upload the material to the library or include a web link, the new request automatically appears in the Awaiting Supply by Instructor queue until the Instructor uploads the file. Once the electronic file has been uploaded, the request moves to Item Available on Electronic Reserves. As long as an uploaded Item is not held for review the request will be completed.

Copyright for an Item can be done at any step of the fulfillment process.

Reviewing and Delivering the Electronic Item

If an Item is held for review either because an Instructor is not tagged as Trusted or the Item is a document type that has been flagged for review, the item request is moved to Awaiting Review By Staff.

  1. Click to open the Awaiting Review by Staff queue. All Items needing review are presented in a grid.
  2. If you do not want to review the Item before delivery, you can use the Route button to send it directly to Item Available on Electronic Reserves.
  3. Click on the Item you want to review.
  4. To review the file, double-click on the attachment or link in the Location field.
  5. A web browser will open and the file will appear (if valid).
  6. If the Item is acceptable, click Make Available Electronically. The Item will route to Item Available on Electronic Reserves.
  7. If the Item is not acceptable, cancel the Item by clicking Cancel.

Like with other routing options:

  • If the Current Status Date is past the Item's Inactive date, no routing will occur and the Item will remain at its current status.
  • If the Current Status Date is before the Item's Active Date, the Item will route to Item Activation Pending.

Viewing the Delivered Item

When the Item is moved to Item Available on Electronic Reserves and available for viewing, an email will be sent to the Instructor and students if they have subscribed to receive email notifications. Instructors can also track the status of reserve Items and view the Item by selecting it in the Reserves Items grid of the Course Details page on the Ares web pages. Items processed as available will appear on the student's Reserves Items grid for viewing.

  • File Upload Item Requests. The File Upload reserve item request is controlled by any Trusted and Document Type restrictions that may be set. These will move the item to the Awaiting Review by Staff queue.
  • Free Text Item Requests. The Free Text reserve item request is not controlled by Trusted and Document Type restrictions. Free Text item submissions are automatically sent to Item Available on Electronic Reserves.
  • Linking to a Website. When an Instructor chooses to link the item to a website, the request is NOT controlled by the Trusted restriction. You can set review restrictions by Document Type if you like.


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