Batch Uploading Electronic Items to the Web

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The Batch Item Upload feature allows reserves staff to associate files with Items in batches instead of uploading files one at a time. Files placed in a local upload folder are moved to a subfolder of the physical docs path on the server where they are grabbed by the Ares System Manager, uploaded to the physical docs path, and associated with the Item number matching the file. Items are then marked as Item Available on Electronic Reserves or Item Activation Pending, depending upon the Item's active date. The Batch Item Uploads form works with both FTP and FileShare.

Configuring Batch Item Uploads

The following customization keys are used in batch item uploading. See Ares Customization Keys for more information

BatchUploadProcessingInterval Determines how often (in minutes) the Ares System Manager should check for batch item uploads to process.

The location the Ares client should use when looking for files to upload when performing batch item uploads. For example, C:\Ares\BatchItemUpload.


The physical location of Ares documents for the web server. For example, C:\ares\aresdocs\PublicDocs\.

Using Batch Item Uploads

Using the Upload button found on the Batch Item Upload form, files you have placed in a local upload folder are automatically uploaded to the BatchItemUpload folder, a subfolder of the physical docs path on the Ares server, to be processed by the Ares System Manager. By default, this folder is located at c:\ares. At a set interval, the Ares System Manager looks in the BatchItemUpload folder and moves each file to the physical docs path on the server where it is associated with the item number matching the file and made visible on the web. Once processed by the Ares System Manager, the item status changes to either Item Available on Electronic Reserves or Item Activation Pending.

To batch upload electronic files to the web server:

  1. Place the electronic files that you want to associate with the Items in the local upload folder.
  2. From the Ares home screen, click the Process tab then click Batch Item Upload.
  3. The files in the BatchItemUpload folder will display in the grid.
  4. Click Upload. The progress bar on the bottom will display the upload status.
  5. Depending on the Item's activation date, the processed Items will move to either Available on Electronic Reserves or Item Activation Pending.

The Batch Item Upload form works with both FTP and FileShare upload modes. In addition, the Ares System Manager processing of files functions regardless of how the files are uploaded to the BatchItemUpload folder on the Ares server. If your server is locally hosted and the BatchItemUpload folder is available on a network share, staff users can scan items directly to the BatchItemUpload folder for processing by the Ares System Manager.

Batch Upload Errors

If any files in an Item upload batch fail to upload, the corresponding Items are flagged to the Batch Upload Fail virtual status queue. Those files can then be handled on an individual basis.


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