Aeon Staff Manager

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The Aeon Staff Manager is found in the same location as the Aeon client. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Aeon\StaffManager.exe. You create staff users and allow your staff users access to Aeon components by setting permissions in the Aeon staff manager. When you set permissions you are assigning access to the Aeon client, customization manager, and the staff manager itself. The Aeon staff manager allows you to add and remove staff users, reset staff user passwords, and edit staff user details and permission levels. You can also create and assign layout templates to staff user accounts. Using the layout templates you have created, you can rename and hide fields in the Aeon client. 

There are four tabs in the Staff Manager that perform different functions:

  1. Users: In the user's tab, you can create new users, edit or remove existing uses, and edit permissions and settings. See below for more details.
  2. Field Customizations: See Renaming and Hiding Aeon Client Fields for an overview of how to alias or remove fields from your client layouts and grids.
  3. Templates: To learn how to create layout templates and assign them to user accounts, see Creating and Assigning Templates to Staff Users.
  4. Staff Sessions: In the Staff Sessions tab, you will see a list of users currently logged into the Aeon Client. You will see the staff username, the workstation they are logged in to, and the time they last connected.







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