Adding and Removing Staff Users

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This article reflects some changes/features that are not yet publicly available. Aeon 6.0 is in the final stages of testing. Once an official release date has been announced, this message will be updated with more information.

Aeon staff users are added to the system from within the Staff Manager. When you add a staff user, you assign user permissions allowing or denying the user access to each of the Aeon components. You can also assign the user a specific layout template for the Aeon Desktop Client and add a description to the staff user's profile (i.e., "student employee"). Once the staff user has been added, add a user description, assign a desktop client layout template, and set staff user permissions.

  1. In the Aeon Staff Manager, click the New User button.
  2. Input the new staff user's username and password. You will need to enter the password twice.
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. You can edit User Details such as entering the user's last and first name, assigning a layout template for the Aeon Desktop Client, and adding User Permissions for the new user by editing the information on the right.
  5. Click Save to save the User Details and Permissions settings for your new staff user.

Note: The layout templates configured and assigned to staff users in the Staff Manager are used to customize the layout of the Aeon Desktop Client. Custom layout templates for the Aeon Web Client must be configured and assigned separately from within the web client application. See Managing Staff Accounts and Web Client Layouts Using the Staff Administration Page for more information.

When you add staff users you will want to add or adjust the information in the User Details section of the staff manager.

  • If the staff user was created from scratch, add the First Name and Last Name information.
  • If the staff user was copied from another user account, edit the First Name and Last Name information.
  • To identify a staff user according to a predetermined group (e.g., Student Employee) or another factor, add or change this information in the Description section of User Details. This information is displayed in the Description column of the User Grid.
  • To assign or change an assigned layout template for the Aeon Desktop Client, select a template from the Layout Template dropdown.
  • Set the staff user's permissions in the User Permissions section.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes.

Copying a Staff User

This method is best used when you want to create a new user that has the same privileges, or most of the same privileges, as another user. The new user will inherit all of the user details, permissions, and Aeon Desktop Client layout template from the source user. Typically it is most helpful when your staff is split into groups that have the same privileges (student staff, for example) because it saves you time specifying permissions and template settings for the new user.

  1. Select a staff user from the User grid who has the settings that you want to duplicate for your new user.
  2. Click the Copy User button on the Home ribbon.
  3. Input the new staff user's username and password. You will need to enter the password twice.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. You can edit User Details on the right (note the user inherits the first name and last name of the user that was copied). You would ideally use the Copy feature to inherit settings from another user, but you can assign a different layout template and change User Permissions for the new user if necessary.
  6. Click Save to save your changes.

Removing a Staff User

You can remove a staff user account from the staff manager. Removing a staff user removes their staff privileges and permissions. This action cannot be undone.

  1. Select the user to delete in the User Grid.
  2. Click the Remove User button on the Home ribbon. A confirmation form appears, reminding you that the action cannot be undone.
  3. Click Yes to remove the staff user account. The user is automatically removed from the Users grid.

Deleting a user's staff account cannot be undone. To reinstate a user as a staff user the account will need to be recreated. Also, please note that the currently logged-in user cannot be deleted.

Deleting a staff user account will not delete any tracking history or notes associated with that user. 




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