Setting Staff User Permissions

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You allow your staff users access to Aeon components by setting their access permissions in the User Permissions section of the Aeon Staff Manager. Access permissions need to be set for the Aeon client, the Aeon Customization Manager, and the Aeon Staff Manager.

  1. Check the box beside the components you want your users to be able to access. If you give a user permission to access the client, you should choose whether to allow them to customize layout templates, export grid data, Logon to the web as a patron, or have access to Aeon Addons.
  2. Click the Save button to save your changes to the User Details and User Permissions sections of the form.

Table of Staff User Permissions by Component

ComponentUser PermissionsDescription
ClientClient AccessGives the staff user access to the client.
 Can Customize TemplatesAllows staff user the ability create templates from within the client.
 Can Export DataAllows staff user to export data from client grids.
 Can Access AddonsGives staff user the ability to manage addons from within the client.
 Can Logon to Web as PatronActivates Logon to Web button so staff can access user web accounts from the client.
Customization ManagerCustomization Manager AccessGives the staff user access to the Customization Manager.
Staff ManagerStaff Manager AccessGives the staff user access to the Staff Manager.


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