Creating and Assigning Templates to Staff Users

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Customizing the Client Video

When a new staff user is created in Aeon, their client view displays the Aeon Default template with out of the box layout and grid settings. You can assign a staff user pre-formatted client form and grid customizations from within the staff manager by applying a layout template. Any assigned settings overwrite the "out of the box" settings or any previous settings to become the new default system settings. The original Aeon Default settings can be restored to a user from within the staff manager by removing the template or removing any customized grid settings from the user's account. (Users can customize their client grids as well as customize their request queues and assign a new default to those queues. When a staff user makes changes to the grid layout, those changes are immediately saved to the database.)

There are three ways to save change in the Aeon Staff Manager:

  1. Click the Save button on the Home ribbon
  2. Click the Main Menu icon in the top left corner and select the Save option
  3. Click the Save icon in the quick access toolbar

Creating Layout Templates

You can assign a staff user pre-formatted client form and grid customizations by applying a layout template. The template system simplifies the process of applying layout settings by allowing staff to create templates that can be designed and modified while logged into their own user's normal Aeon account and then assigned to staff user accounts from within the staff manager. In addition, modifications to a template are applied automatically to all users assigned to the template at the time they are made in the client, making it simple to update a group of users at one time.

Client Aeon templates are created in the Staff Manager in a manner similar to creating a new staff user:

  1. In the Aeon Staff Manager, click the Template tab then click New.
  2. In the Create Template box, name the new template.
  3. Click OK to create the template. The template appears in the Template grid.
  4. In the Template Details section of the form, add a description of the template.
  5. Save the description information by clicking Save on the Templates ribbon.

Deleting a Layout Template

You can delete templates using the Remove button. This deletes the template from the staff manager and the database and reverts the template to the Aeon Default for any users assigned to the template.

  1. Select the template that you want to delete from the Template grid in the staff manager.
  2. Click the Remove button on the Template ribbon to delete the selected template. A confirmation form appears to confirm that you want to delete the template from the database and to remind you that the action cannot be undone.
  3. Select Yes to delete the template from the staff manager and database.
  4. The template is removed from the staff manager grid and the database.

Designing and Modifying Layout Templates

Once a template has been created, the layout of the template needs to be designed in the Aeon client. Layout templates are designed by logging into the client under an admin or staff user account with layout permissions and then entering Template Edit Mode.

  1. Log in to Aeon as Admin or as a user with layout permissions.
  2. Click on the Main Menu Icon, then select Layout Template Viewer.
  3. Select the template you want to design.
  4. The Template Edit Mode dialog box will appear at the top of the Aeon client. This will remain until changes are saved or cancelled.
  5. Edit the Aeon client forms and grids to change the layout.
  6. To save changes, click Save Changes on the Template Edit Mode box.

Assigning a Layout Template to a User

After you have created a layout template in the client you can assign it to your staff users. You can do this for new users at the time the user is created or you can assign the template at a later time. The steps below explain how to assign a template to a current staff user.

  1. In the Aeon Staff Manager, select a user from the list.
  2. Under Layout Template, select the template you want to assign to the user.
  3. By default, this field will display the Aeon Default template, which uses the out of the box form and grid layout settings.
  4. Click Save to save the assigned layout template to the user.
  5. The template will be assigned to the user and will display in the Template Name column of the User grid.

Removing Templates from User Accounts

If you want to discontinue associating a user with an assigned template, simply remove the template from the user's User Details section of the staff manager to revert to the Aeon Default template. Removing a template returns the user's account to the system defaults.

  1. If you are not already working with the staff user account, select the staff user from the User/Template grid.
  2. Under Layout Template in the User Details section, click the x to the right of the Layout Template field. The Aeon Default template will be displayed and the field will be highlighted to remind you to save the change.
  3. Click the Save button to save the change to the Aeon Default template.

Changing Grid Settings

Staff users can create their own individual Client grid settings. You can remove those grid settings from a user's account and apply the Aeon Default or assigned template settings to the user by using the Delete Grid Settings button on the Home ribbon of the Staff Manager

You can remove grid settings that are applied to a user's client account using the Delete Grid Settings button. This returns the staff user's settings to the Aeon default settings or the settings of the applied template.

  1. Select the user with the grid settings you want to remove from the User grid and click Delete Grid Settings. A confirmation dialog form asks you to confirm that you want to delete the settings for the user.
  2. Click the Yes button on the form to delete the grid settings.
  3. The grid settings revert back to the assigned template or the Aeon Default settings. A message displayed in the status bar informs you of the number of grids and layouts that were deleted from the user's account.
  4. The new grid settings will display the next time the staff user logs into the Client.


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