Odyssey and Unicode

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The Odyssey Manager is unicode compliant. All queries used with the Odyssey Manager are prefixed with "N" to be unicode safe.

Citation Information

ILLiad Odyssey does not pass citation information to Odyssey Standalone when it sends a document.

The ILL number is sent from ILLiad if it exists in the ILLiad transaction (in the BorrowerTN field, populated from imported requests from OCLC, Docline, and Rapid if specified).

Note that ILLiad libraries on the receiving end do receive all of the matching information because of the transaction number match.

Bibliographic Data

ILLiad does not include bibliographic data in Odyssey Manager transmissions. In order to include bibliographic data in Odyssey Manager to Odyssey Manager transmissions and Odyssey Manager to Standalone Client transmissions, the data should be included as a note containing Unicode characters. To ensure this is handled properly, ILLiad calls UTF8Decode on the note value when it is inserted into the database.

Note that the Standalone Client does send bibliographic data to Odyssey Manager, if the data exists. When the client pulse the Odyssey Received documents from the server, the XML is properly encoded and the data displays correctly on the Electronic Delivery form.


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