Testing Your Odyssey Setup


Once you have configured Odyssey, you can test your Odyssey setup using the Odyssey Automated Test Interface. In the Test Interface, you can enter your Odyssey address into the tool and send yourself a test document. 

  1. Go to the Odyssey Automated Test Interface at http://odyssey-testing.azurewebsites.net/.
  2. Select Sender to test Receiving functionality or Receiver to test sending functionality.

Testing Odyssey Receiving

  1. Select the Sender option.
  2. Enter your Odyssey IP address, port number, and NVTGC in the following format: ADDRESS:PORT/NVTGC (example:
  3. Click Send.
  4. You will see a message indicating if the sending was successful or not. If sending fails, you will be given a specific error with suggestions for troubleshooting the problem.

Odyssey Failure Message

Testing Odyssey Sending

  1. Send a document from your Odyssey implementation to odysseytesting.cloudapp.net:7968/ILL.
  2. Return to the Odyssey Test web site and click Receiver.
  3. Enter your Odyssey sender address to view the received documents.

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