Processing Payment-Required Requests

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Once you have cleared all of the No Problem requests, everything left in the Process Copyright window should now require some form of copyright payment should you obtain these requested items. You have three options.

  1. Record copyright royalty fees for later payment.
  2. Route the request to a commercial Document Provider, who typically pays copyright royalties as a part of their service.
  3. Cancel the request.

Recording Copyright Fees for Later Payment

For transactions for which you decide to pay copyright fees, you should verify the costs with the Copyright Clearance Center. The ILLiad client now has a built-in direct link to the Copyright Clearance Center's database for automated real-time copyright royalty fee lookup. To search an individual journal title, click on the transaction entry for that title. Once a record is selected, an automatic search of the CCC database will take place, with the result showing in the Copyright Search Results grid at the bottom of the Process Copyright form. The CCC will automatically handle the selection of the proper rightsholder for the item based on the publication year.

The client first searches the CCC database by ISSN. If no ISSN value exists for the transaction, it will then search by journal title. When searching by journal title, it will not match abbreviated titles to the complete title. Complete titles should be entered into the search window manually before performing the CCC search. Fee information for the result will appear in the Copyright Payment Information section to the right. The form will calculate any fee information on file in the CCC database and apply it to the record based on the number of pages in the article requested. If the system is unable to calculate the number of pages in the article with the information given, it will instead use the default pages number specified in the CCCDefaultNumPages key in the Customization Manager. This value may be changed later in the process when the article is checked in.

Copyright royalty fees will be recalculated before submission to the Copyright Clearance Center for payment to be sure that the correct charges are applied. Not all records in the Copyright Clearance Center database will allow you to acquire royalty payment information in this way. You may encounter journal title records for which this kind of use is denied. You may also encounter titles for which permission must be obtained directly from the publisher or author(s). In such cases, the Right field in the Copyright Payment Information section of the form will typically indicate the CCC status of each title. As it is not possible to acquire permission for these titles automatically via the Copyright Clearance Center, the Save CCC Information button will be grayed out for these titles. Special cases like this will need to be handled outside of the normal copyright process. If you wish, you may add a note to these records and route them to the next appropriate status.


Data Errors and Troubleshooting

As of the update to the new CCC web service implemented in ILLiad v9.1.4/9.2, CCC Special Orders are no longer possible. Results will only be returned for publications that can be ordered normally.

If you return a data error during your search, you will see an error message explaining the nature of the problem. For any publications for which it is not possible to determine permissions or copyright costs (including those requiring a special order), the copyright search form will display a message stating "Unable to retrieve permissions" or "Unable to retrieve estimate." You may also either see no search results at all for a transaction or "Denied" in the Right field. In all such cases, the Save CCC Information button will be disabled and these items will need to be ordered using an alternate source such as GetItNow or Reprints Desk, or manually ordered through the CCC website or another source.

Route to Document Provider Processing

If for whatever reason, you decide to request the item from a commercial document provider, any copyright payments that might have been required under normal ILL processing guidelines are typically covered in the price your institution is charged by the document provider, and will not have to be paid directly by the borrowing institution. To route, the transaction to Document Provider Processing, select the item(s) and click the Doc Provider button. The transaction will be passed through the copyright process and moved to a status of Awaiting Doc Provider Processing.

Cancel the Request

You may also choose to cancel the request(s) at this point. Double-click the request you want to cancel to open the Request Form and click the Cancel Request button. You can then choose a reason, add a note, and cancel the request in ILLiad, instantly sending an e-mail message to the customer explaining the reason behind the cancellation.


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