The OCLC Statuses Display

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The OCLC Statuses Display is a means of seeing all of your institution's current OCLC requests, Borrowing and Lending, together in the same form. Each time the Current OCLC Statuses Display is opened, it queries OCLC for the most recent status and count information for your institution. The Status section of the form displays all existing OCLC statuses and the current number of transactions belonging to your institution at each status in the OCLC system. These categories display alphabetically from the top down.

Accessing the OCLC Statuses Display

To access the OCLC Statuses Display:

  1. From the ILLiad main page, click the System tab.
  2. Click Search/Review Statuses in the OCLC section.

To view transactions within a certain status:

  1. Double-click on a status in the Status section.
  2. The grid on the right side of the form will display all OCLC requests that are currently at the selected status.
  3. The transaction number value from the Verified field displays in the grid if it can be determined by the system.
  4. You can then sort by that field if you wish in order to better locate specific transactions.
  5. To view the OCLC Request Form for an individual OCLC request, locate the request in the grid and double-click it. The OCLC Request form will appear.

At any time, you can get the most current OCLC status and count by clicking the Refresh icon at the top of the page.


To perform a manual search for a specific transaction, select one of the following values from the dropdown menu in the Search section at the top of the form. Enter the value to be searched in the field below the drop-down and click the Search icon. This will perform a search for the specified value and, if found, display the information for it in the grid below.

Available Dropdown Values for Manual Searching:

  • ILL/ID Number
  • Transaction Number

Viewing the Details Tab

If you wish to view further details for the request from OCLC, you may click the transaction in the grid to open the OCLC Request Form and view the Details tab. This will display all of the OCLC fields and their associated values for the selected transaction in the order specified in the OCLCRequestFieldDisplayOrder table. The Details tab is covered thoroughly in Accessing Sent OCLC Records under Viewing the OCLC Request Form / Viewing the Details Tab.

The order of the values in the Display tab can be changed in the Saved Field Request Order Form. It is found under the Resource Sharing Settings icon located on the Main Page of the ILLiad Client under the OCLC Section of the System Ribbon.


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