Accessing Sent OCLC Records

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The Request Form contains an OCLC Status field. It is located at the bottom of the System Information section of the form. When the Request Form is opened, the system performs a search of the OCLC system for the record. The current status of the transaction in OCLC will display automatically in the OCLC Status field when found. If the OCLC Status of the transaction is Shipped, the ship date will appear in the OCLC Status field next to the status. There may be a several-second delay between opening the form and displaying the OCLC Status value while this search is being performed. This search is performed in the background and will not prevent you from performing any other actions on the Request Form. The automated searching feature may be enabled/disabled in the Customization Manager under System | OCLC by changing the AutoCheckOCLCStatus key from Yes to No. The default setting is Yes.


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