Customizing the Patron Request Service

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You can customize the Patron Request Service to set certain defaults for any new users created by the web service. By default, fields such as Delivery Method and Notification Method use the values from the ILLiad Customization Manager for WebDefaultDeliveryGroup or WebDefaultNotifyGroup, but you also have the option to override those values using an XML file on the web server.

The SiteConfigs folder under the web service folder contains an XML file, ILL.xml, with copies of the web interface default configuration keys from the Web Interface | Defaults section of the ILLiad Customization Manager. All of those fields are commented out by default, so they are not used. Select the default variables that you want to use for your users by removing the html comment tag and putting the default value you want to use within the tag. Any customization key from Web Interface | Defaults can be inserted into the xml configuration to override values from the Customization Manager.

There are 4 additional options that already exist in the default xml configuration as shown below:

  • AutoClearNewWebServiceUsers
  • UseNote10ForUsername
  • Note10AuthType
  • UIDAuthType
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultWebDeliveryGroup"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultNotifyGroup"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultDeliveryGroup"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultLoanDeliveryGroup"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultStatusGroup"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultDepartment"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultBillingCategory"></ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="AutoClearNewWebServiceUsers">Yes</ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="UseNote10ForUsername">false</ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="Note10AuthType">ILLiad</ConfigItem> -->
    <!-- <ConfigItem Key="UIDAuthType">Default</ConfigItem> -->

For example, if you want to change the default Notification Method for all new users to E-Mail, you would change:

<!-- <ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultNotifyGroup"></ConfigItem> -->


<ConfigItem Key="WebDefaultNotifyGroup">E-Mail</ConfigItem>

within the XML file.

If you are in a shared server environment and want to have different override settings for each site code, you can copy the ILL.xml file and rename it as ABC.xml where ABC is the name of the site code on the ILLiad server. If ABC.xml does not exist, the web service will use the global ILL.xml file.

Note that if not specified, the Patron Request Service assumes that the Note10 field is used for the ILLiad username. If you wish to use the UID field, you need to change UseNote10ForUsername to "false". Also, if you are using Note10 as the username, the Note10AuthType value should be set to either Default or ILLiad. If you are using UID, then the UIDAuthType value should be set.


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