OCLC Reasons For No

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To help identify requests cancelled as a result of closures during COVID-19, OCLC has repurposed reason 24 Preferred Delivery Time Not Possible to be used specifically during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The LendingReasonsForCancellation (found in the ILLiad Customization Manager under Lending | Cancellations) table translates the user-friendly text in the Lending cancellation Reason field to the OCLC, Docline, and ISO ILL codes that are used to update requests. ILLiad uses numerical values for the OCLC Code to match the ISO ILL values.

The Reasons for No display can be found in two locations on the Borrowing request form:

  1. The Detail page under the Imported Request tab
  2. The OCLC page under the Holdings tab in the Previous Requests box

The LendingReasonsForCancellation table located in the Customization Manager at Lending | Cancellations translates the user-friendly text in the Reason field of the table to OCLC, DOCLINE and ISO ILL codes for updating those items. ILLiad uses the numerical value versus the text value for the OCLC Code because those reasons are also used when canceling ISO ILL requests, and ISO uses numerical values. Note that the numerical reasons for 21 and 22 are not used by ISO and that 26 is not used by any system. See Lending Reasons for Cancellation for more information.

Reasons for Cancellation

Code OCLC Reason ISO Reason Docline Reason
1 InUseOnLoan In Use On Loan USE
2 Other In Process PRO
3 NotOnShelfMissing Lost LOS
4 NonCirculating   NCR
5 NotOwned   NOT
6 OnOrder On Order ORD
7 VolumeIssueNotYetAvailable Volume Issue Not Yet
8 AtBindery At Bindery BDY
9 LackingVolumeIssue Lacking LAC
10 NotOnShelfMissing Not On Shelf NOS
11 OnReserve On Reserve  
12 PoorCondition Poor Condition POR
13 CostExceedsLimit Cost Exceeds Limit CST
14 CostExceedsLimit Charges  
15 PrepaymentRequired Prepayment Required  
16 Other Lacks Copyright
17 Other Not Found As Cited INC
18 Other Locations Not Found  
19 InUseOnLoan On Hold  
20 BranchPolicyProblem Policy Problem  
21 NotLicensedToFill not used by ISO LIC
22 TechnicalProcessing not used by ISO  
23 RequestedDeliveryServices
Requested Delivery
Services Not Supported
24 PreferredDeliveryTimeNot
Preferred Delivery
Time Not Possible
25 PublisherEmbargo    
27 Other Other OTH or EXL
30 Offsite    
31 Item too new to loan    

*Note that the numerical reasons for 21 and 22 are not used by ISO and that 26 is not used by any system.

The following reasons were retired by OCLC in July 2008:

  1. Unspecified
  2. In Process
  3. Charges
  4. Locations not found
  5. On reserve (now use: In use/on loan)
  6. On hold (now use: In use/on loan)
  7. Not found as cited (moved to system-supplied conditional response)
  8. Lacks copyright compliance (moved to system-supplied conditional response)

"Lost" and "Not On Shelf" were combined into a single reason for NotOnShelfMissing.


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