Processing: Requesting a Rapid Resend From Borrowing

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If you receive a Rapid request from a Lender that is, for example, missing pages or an unreadable scan, you can request a resend of that item using the Rapid Web.

You must initiate your resend request to the Lender through the Rapid web pages, not through ILLiad.

  1. The Borrowing library can submit a Rapid resend request on the Rapid web pages with a note explaining the reason for the request, i.e., "Can you resend at a higher resolution?"
  2. ILLiad's Rapid Manager service downloads the request and notifies the Lender. The Borrower's note appears in Lender's Notes and Tracking Information and the request moves to the Lender's Awaiting RAPID Resend Processing queue for reprocessing.
  3. The Lender reprocesses the request by updating the request to In Stacks Searching or Awaiting Lending Scanning.
  4. Once the request is at In Stacks Searching, the process to fill or cancel requests is the same as OCLC or any other request type. If the Borrowing library sent Odyssey information, it will note the request as an Odyssey request on the Update Stacks Search form.

The Rapid Manager Log updates the request status to Resubmission for both Borrowing and Lending Processes.



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