Processing: Rapid Lending Cancellations

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Rapid recognizes and transmits two reasons for cancelling a request: Unavailable and Bad Citation. The Rapid Manager will send the cancelled request to the Rapid Service to be returned to the Borrower and record it in the Rapid Manager log as an unfilled request.

Lender request status changes to Cancelled by ILLStaff. The Borrower's request will move from Request Sent to Awaiting Unfilled Processing. The reason for cancellation will be either "RAPID Unfilled - Bad Citation" or "RAPID Unfilled - Unavailable" as explained below.

Bad Citation

Bad Citation is the Rapid equivalent of OCLC Code 17, "not found as cited." The default ILLiad equivalent for Rapid Bad Citation/OCLC CODE 17 is, "not as cited."


All other Reasons for Cancellation within ILLiad will transmit to the Borrower as Unavailable.


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