Updating Physical Item Stacks Search Results

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Use the Update Stacks Search Results button on the Process ribbon to process found items from the In Stacks Searching queue as well as other queues. Clicking the Update Stacks Search button opens the Update Stacks Search form on the Home page. You can search for items, process items, and route items to other status queues from this form.

The Updating Stacks Search Form

The Update Stacks Search form contains a Search area, Process options, and a Route button for routing items to a different processing queue. The Route button is similar to the Route button on the Item form. Below the Update Stacks Search ribbon is a grid that holds all search results. This grid contains all fields from the Items and Courses tables. The Item Information section contains citation information and a Notes field. Reserves Information holds the Pickup Location and Loan Period fields. These fields are editable based on the state of the item you are processing. Course Information shows the Course Name, Number, Code, Instructor, Semester and Start/Stop dates.

The citation is displayed as it appears using the default serial or monograph citation templates. These templates can be overridden.


The Update Stacks Search form conducts searches based on items in In Stacks Searching. Use the Look In dropdown field to search for items in Awaiting Acquisitions Fulfillment, Awaiting Supply by Instructor or to search in all queues. You can narrow your search for items by entering the Item ID or Citation criteria.

Hover over the Citation field to see a tooltip displaying the fields that can be searched here.

The Update Stacks Search Processes

The processes available on the Update Stacks Search ribbon are active based on the state of the item being processed. The table below lists each process, the action that is performed on the item, and the item criteria.


Action Performed

Item Criteria


Displays the Reason for Cancellation form and routes the item to Item Cancelled by Staff


In Transit

Routes the item to In Transit to Pickup Site

Pickup Location must be different from the current processing location. Disabled if item is not Hardcopy.

Make Available at Desk

Routes the item to item Available at Reserve Desk or Item Activation Pending

Pickup Location must be the current processing location. Disabled if item is not Hardcopy.

Scan Now

Opens the scanning form to scan and upload the item to the web

Disabled if item is HardCopy, WebLink or Create

Scan Later

Routes the item to Awaiting Scanning to scan later

Disabled if item is HardCopy, WebLink or Create


Routes the item to the selected default or custom queue.


In order to expedite processing from the Update Stacks Search form, the Cancel option does not include the Edit Email feature. If you want to edit the cancellation email, you can double-click on the item in the grid and cancel from the item form.

Updating Stacks Search Items in Ares

To update items from the Update Stacks Search form:

  1. Click the Update Stacks Search Results button on the Process ribbon to open the Update Stacks Search form.
  2. Search for items using the criteria in the Search form.
  3. Click the Search button to display results in the grid.
  4. Click on the item in the grid that you want to process.
  5. Click on the appropriate Process button to perform the desired action and move the item to the appropriate status queue.
  6. If you want to simply change the status of an item, use the Route button.
  7. If you need to change the Pickup Location or Loan Period, make those changes and then process the item.

Changing the Pickup Location will change whether the Make Available at Desk or In Transit button is enabled.


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