Reviewing Physical Items Submitted by Instructor

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There are two queues that alert staff to requests that are awaiting supply by an instructor or awaiting purchase of an item.

Awaiting Supply by Instructor

If the item is not electronic and cannot be scanned, or cannot be scanned by the Instructor and posted to Ares, then Ares will move the item to Awaiting Supply by Instructor status. This lets the Reserves staff know the Instructor will/should be bringing the item to the library for scanning and posting, or if it is not able to be scanned, that it will reside at the Reserves desk for viewing by the students of the course. When scannable items are received from the Instructor, the staff can open the Item form and being the scan process. When un-scannable items are received from the Instructor, the staff can open the item in Awaiting Supply by Instructor, choose Route and move the item to Item Available at Reserve Desk. 

Awaiting Purchase

If the Instructor chose the Please consider this item for purchase option on the Book or another item page (this is an option that may not be on your web interface) then the item appears in the Awaiting Purchase status in the client. Your Reserves staff can perform whatever process that may be appropriate. If they review and decide to route to the Acquisitions department they can choose Route to Acquisitions from the Item form and send an email to the Acquisitions department. The item can also be cancelled.


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