Web Status Lines

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Status lines appear on the top of the Aeon web pages to highlight special information. They appear in the HTML web forms as <#STATUS>. They are used to notify researchers of an omission on a form, an action taken (e.g., a researcher cancels a request), or an error on the page. 

Editing Status Lines

Most of the status lines can be configured with new text in the Aeon Customization Manager under Web Interface | Status Lines. Status lines can accept minor HTML coding if you want to include a link, but please note that status lines are limited to 255 characters (including any HTML code). Some frequently changed status lines include:

Name Description
SLMainMenu Displays at the top of the main menu page after login.
SLShowRequest Displays at the top of all request forms.
SLRequestReceived Displays on the main menu after request submittal.
SLShowActivities Displays on the Activities page.
SLShowOrderBilling Displays on the Order Billing page.
SLRequestReceivedSkipEstimate Displays on the main menu after order submitted when estimate is skipped.
SLRequestReceivedWithEstimate Displays on the main menu after order submitted when estimate is not skipped.
See Aeon Customization Keys for a complete list of configurable status lines in Aeon.


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