The Process Copyright Form

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Copyright Clearance is an everyday part of the ILL process for article requesting. Copyright processing in ILLiad connects to Copyright Clearance Center's (CCC's) latest Copyright Gateway. This gateway allows staff to view results from multiple rightsholders directly in the grid.

All article requests, by default, are automatically routed to the status of Awaiting Copyright Clearance when they are entered by the customer into the ILLiad system. When the requests are opened they display on the Process Copyright form. To open the form and access transactions at a status of Awaiting Copyright Clearance, either double-click the Awaiting Copyright Clearance queue in the Requests Group on the Main Page or click the Borrowing ribbon tab and select Process Copyright from the Borrowing ribbon.

Because charges for copyright orders submitted to the Copyright Clearance Center for payment are based upon costs at the time you submit the order, we suggest submitting your copyright orders frequently.

The layout of the Process Copyright Form

The Process Copyright form opens as a tab on the Main Page. The Copyright ribbon is displayed at the top of the page. The buttons and actions on the Copyright ribbon include:

  • Autoselect No Problem. The system automatically selects transactions that no longer require copyright fees.
  • Select All/Deselect All.  A shortcut key to select all transactions for Batch Processing, and deselect all transactions.
  • Doc Provider. Forwards selected transactions to Awaiting Document Provider Processing for further processing.
  • No Problem.  Skips copyright processing for any selected transactions. Used with Auto Select No Problem.
  • Save CCC Information. Saves CCC details about the item including the current price for future ordering.
  • Auto Search. Automatically searches the CCC using the best available search when you select a new transaction.
    • Searching is only possible for one parameter at a time. If both a Title and ISSN are present when the Auto Search option is selected, the ISSN will be used to perform the search.
  • Copyright Clearance Center search feature. Search CCC manually for a title or ISSN. The weblink to the CCC homepage is located here.

Transactions that need to be cleared through copyright are displayed in the top grid. Search results of automatic and manual searches show in the gateway to the CCC database located in the bottom grid. The Journal Title grid, located in the upper right pane, houses the Copyright List. Dragging the left grid border increases the width of the grid for viewing longer journal titles. The Copyright Payment Information pane is in the lower right corner. If you request any further recent articles from any journal title on this list and successfully receive them, you will typically be required to pay copyright royalties for those articles.


Transactions to be Cleared

The grid below the content-sensitive Copyright ribbon contains the transactions that need to be cleared through copyright. These include all new article requests that are not marked as having Copyright Already Paid.

Organizing the List

By default, this list is organized by transaction number. This duplicates the order in which the transactions were received (first come - first served.) The list may be organized by the column headings at the top of the list. Journal title is often the preferred sorting method because you can easily compare the list to the results below. Simply click the column heading by which you would like to sort. Clicking on the Journal column sorts the entries alphabetically by the journal.  You can also right-click the column and choose Sort by Ascending. If you would like to group the transactions by a column such as Journal, drag the column to the space labeled, Drag a column header here to group by that column. To see all of a field in the data display grid, click and drag the field to make the view larger.

Selecting Records

To select records for batch functions, such as clearing transactions through copyright or routing to other statuses, hold down the ctrl-key and click on all of the transactions to be included in this batch process before clicking the appropriate button. To select individual transaction records for CCC Searching, simply click on the individual transaction record on the form.




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