Recording Copyright Information Outside of the Normal Process

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When you are processing copyright and you find a transaction for which copyright payment will have to be handled outside of the normal copyright process, for example, if the title is not in the CCC Database, or is listed as Special Order Required, Contact Rights Holder Directly, or anything else that cannot be paid to the CCC through the normal process, these items will need to be handled outside of the normal Copyright process. You still have the option of routing these items to document providers or cancelling them altogether, however, to pursue copyright payment outside of these processes, you may do as follows:

  • Complete the special order process or contact the rights holder directly to obtain the correct fee information.
  • Then, double click the item from the Process Copyright Form to open up the Request Form for that transaction.
  • On the Copyright tab in the Request Form, add any Base Fee, Per Page Fee information that you have for this transaction, specify the number of pages for the article, change the CCL/CCG value as appropriate, and put a short note on the CCCNumber field, such as "Pay Publisher". This note will serve as a flag on the Copyright report later when payment is being made. You are limited to 50 characters for the CCCNumber field, so this note will need to be kept relatively short. A more detailed note can be added to the transaction itself in the regular notes field.


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