Field Order in OCLC Requests

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To customize the order of fields displayed on the Details tab of the OCLC Request form for sent requests:

  1. Click the Saved Request Field Order tab in the OCLC Resource Sharing Settings form.
  2. The settings that you see on the form are specific to your site and to the process of the transactions.
  3. Each site in a Shared Server ILLiad system will display its own field order in this form. Altering one site's field order will not affect that of another site in the system.
  4. If you do not want to see a field, uncheck the checkbox next to that field for the appropriate process.
  5. You may also rearrange the order of the fields by dragging and dropping the field(s) to any part of the list. Use the Reset button to return to the previous order.
  6. The Field order specified on this tab affects how the OCLC field information is imported and stored at the point that it is imported from OCLC by the Connection Manager.
  7. Changing the preferred field order will not affect already downloaded requests. Only subsequently downloaded requests will be affected.


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