Setting the OCLC Authorization and Password

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Before you will be able to send and receive OCLC requests through ILLiad, you will need to specify your institution's OCLC Authorization and Password. This is done in the ILLiad Customization Manager.

Shared Server Sites will need to set OCLC Authorizations and Passwords for each site. For those institutions using multiple OCLC Authorizations and Passwords, these database level key settings may be overridden as needed. You should set these keys to the most commonly used OCLC Authorization and Password, if common authorizations exist, and override them as needed.

Setting the OCLC Authorization and Password

  1. Open the ILLiad Customization Manager.
  2. To set the OCLC Authorization, go to System | OCLC | OCLCILLAuthorization. To set the OCLC Password, go to System | OCLC | OCLCILLPassword.
  3. Enter your OCLC Authorization Code or Password into the Key Value field.
  4. Click on the Save button.



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