Processing Lending Docline Requests

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To process Docline lending requests:

  1. Open the Awaiting Lending Request Processing queue by double-clicking on that status. Then double-click on the request to open the request form.
  2. If the request looks like something you can fill, click on Finished Searching to move the request to Awaiting Stacks Searching.
  3. Go back to the Main form and click refresh or hit F5. You'll see the request move from Awaiting Lending Request Processing to Awaiting Stacks Searching.
  4. In the Lending Processing ribbon, choose Print Stacks Search Items to print the form for the item and move it to In Stacks Searching.
  5. Use the printout as your coversheet when filling the request, and go to the stacks to find the item.
  6. When you have found the item, go back to ILLiad and choose Update Stacks Search Results from the Lending Ribbon.
  7. Type the Transaction Number in the Update Stacks Search ribbon and click on Search.
  8. When you get results, choose Mark Found to say you can fill the item. That will put the item in the table to update Docline.
  9. Copy and fill the request as normal.
  10. Once you have filled the requests you should update the request status in Docline.

For more information about updating Docline, see Updating Lending Docline Requests.


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