Installing Required Windows Server 2022 Components for the Aeon 5.2/6.0 Update

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This article reflects some changes/features that are not yet publicly available. Aeon 6.0 is in the final stages of testing. Once an official release date has been announced, this message will be updated with more information.
Product Aeon
Version v5.2 & 6.0
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Note: These instructions are for self-hosted Aeon sites.


The IIS 6 Management Console component must be installed on Aeon Servers using Windows Server 2022 prior to performing the Aeon 5.2 or 6.0 server upgrade due to a known issue affecting PowerShell. If this component is not installed prior to running the Aeon 5.2 or 6.0 server installation/update scripts, the installation/update process may fail.


Follow the steps below to install the IIS 6 Management Console on the Aeon Server:

  1. Open the Server Manager application on the Aeon Server
  2. Click Manage > Add Roles and Features from the toolbar options at the top of the screen


  3. Navigate through the Add Roles and Features Wizard until you reach the Server Roles section of the wizard
  4. From the list of Roles, expand the Web Server (IIS) > Management Tools > IIS 6 Management Compatibility sections
  5. Within the expanded IIS 6 Management Compatibility section, select to install each component within the list:


  6. Click Next and navigate through the remainder of the Add Roles and Features Wizard to install the selected IIS components on the Aeon Server


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