Checklist for Updating Aeon 5.1 Appointment Scheduling Features to Aeon 5.2

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The Aeon 5.2 update will implement a wide range of new appointment scheduling features and options in the Aeon Client, Customization Manager, and web interface. Please review the update checklist below to ensure that the new features are properly implemented and configured before and after the 5.2 update process:

  1. Prior to running the Aeon 5.2 update, review the Aeon 5.2 release notes and make note of the new appointment scheduling features.
  2. Review the following articles and decide how the new appointment confirmation options, reminder and notification emails, and status-specific policies should be configured in each of your reading rooms:
  3. Run the Aeon 5.2 update
  4. Review your reading rooms configured for appointments in the Appointment Scheduling tab of the Aeon Customization Manager and adjust the new settings according to your preferences using the documentation in step two.
  5. Configure new entries in the Customization Manager's WebValidation table to require the ReadingRoomID field on your request forms and the Saved Requests web page according to the steps in the documentation. This step should be done as soon as possible after updating to ensure that the appointment requirement is properly applied across all pages on your Aeon web interface.
  6. If multiple sites are configured in Aeon, download the latest set of the Aeon 5.2 default web pages and overwrite your KeepInReview.js file with the updated file to implement the new appointment/reading room validation on the Saved Requests web page
  7. Update your status lines and email templates to remove references to the old Minimum/Maximum Lead Days fields and instead use the new Appointment or Request Minimum/Maximum Lead Days fields
    • For instructions on updating email templates, see Editing Email Templates
    • To update your status lines, review the list of status lines used with the appointment scheduling web pages in the Appointment Scheduling Overview article. Update status lines using the old <#MinLeadDays> and <#MaxLeadDays> tags with the following new tags wherever appropriate:
      • Appointment Min/Max Lead Days: <#AppointmentMinLeadDays> and <#AppointmentMaxLeadDays>
      • Request Min/Max Lead Days: <#RequestMinLeadDays> and <#RequestMaxLeadDays>
  8. (optional) Change the home page of your Aeon web interface from the Outstanding Requests web page to the Appointments web page (ViewAppointments.html)
  9. Add the new Appointment Status and Creation Date fields to grids in the Aeon Client if they are not present by default after updating
  10. Follow the instructions to update your appointment scheduling web pages according to the steps in the documentation. The new web pages will implement the following new features:
    • Web accessibility features and fixes
    • New, fully accessible web scheduling interface and calendar date picker tool
    • Filter options for the Appointments web page (ViewAppointments.html)
    • Appointment status fields


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