Updating Aeon to the Newest Version

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Before updating, check server and workstation requirements for the new version by reviewing the Aeon Release Notes and Hardware and Software Requirements for the version you are updating to. 

See the following article for any update procedures unique to that update:

When updating Aeon, if you are two are more versions behind the currently available version, you must update through them all before updating to the current version. For example, if the latest version is 5.0.2 and you are on Aeon 3.9, you must update first to 4.0 and then 4.1 before you can update to 5.0.2. For the lastest version, see Aeon Release Schedule.

Scheduling an Update

If you are hosted by Atlas Systems, you need to schedule a server update before you can use the new Aeon Client. There may be a brief period of downtime while the server update runs. The downtime is usually brief enough that you do not need to communicate it to end users ahead of time.

Contact Atlas to schedule your update at support@atlas-sys.com or 800-567-7401 x1.

Updating the Server

The server installers can be downloaded from the Server Installer page. The Aeon Client and other user components like the Customization Manager will need to be installed separately.

Aeon 5.0

Self-hosted sites can update their server using the AeonServerSetup.exe file (for v5.0 and prior) which will be provided by your Atlas Customer Service Agent. This file is a combination installer/updater that will install Aeon on a server if not installed or update to the latest version. 

Aeon 5.1+

Beginning with Aeon v5.1, installation and update PowerShell scripts that support a broader array of configurations are used to perform the server installation/update. See the "Installing/Updating the Server with PowerShell Scripts" section in Installing the Aeon Server for more information. 

Updating the Client

You cannot install new versions of the Aeon Client until your Aeon Server has been updated.

You will need to use the Aeon Client Installer to update your Client machines to the new version. Download and run the Aeon Client setup file from Aeon Downloads. The default installation folder for the client is C:\Program Files (x86)\Aeon. The Aeon Client, Staff Manager and Customization Manager all have to run locally and cannot run from a shared drive.

For instructions on running the Client installer, choose the version of Aeon you are installing from the links below:


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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