SQL Alias Manager Standalone Installer

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As of Aeon v5.1, a standalone installer is available for SQL Alias Manager (SAM) that will handle both the installation and file-type registration in Windows. This installer will generally not need to be used since SAM is normally installed as part of the broader Aeon installer scripts. However, if you require more fine-grained control over your installations, you can run the standalone installer following the instructions below. 

Running the standalone installer MSI file will install SAM.exe (the desktop app) and SAMC.exe (a command-line version of SAM) in the default location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Atlas Systems\SQL Alias Manager\). It will also create a desktop shortcut for SAM.exe and associate the .DBC file type with SAM.

To install SAM in an alternative location to the default path, execute the installer with msiexec using the following syntax (here we use "C:\SAM" as an example alternative installation location):

msiexec /i SqlAliasManagerSetup.msi INSTALLDIR="C:\SAM"


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