Switching to a Non-Google Authentication Provider

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Product ILLiad
Version 9.0+
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ILLiad customers who are experiencing issues after using the Google authentication and receiving script errors or a message indicating the browser are not secure, still need to switch to a non-Google authentication provider. 

  • For use outside of ILLiad and through regular browsers, It is recommended that you maintain your existing Google account with that email address for DOCLINE account access.

— or —

  • For using DOCLINE within ILLiad, you should create a new external account for use with DOCLINE, using a non-Google authentication provider AND a different email address.


Docline usernames are based on your external email address and can only be associated with one authentication provider (Google, Microsoft, Research Organization, etc.).
    1. Created a new external account.
    2. Request a new DOCLINE username from NLM via the support portal or by using the request an account button on the DOCLINE homepage.
      1. In the request include your new email address* and the LIBID your username should be linked to.
If you are limited to one email address, DOCLINE staff need to convert your login from Google to a different authentication provider and this may delay access.


Alternate Authentication Providers

  • If your institution uses InCommon and is listed in the Research Organization drop-down, you can use the Research Organization Login with your workplace/corporate network account.

— or —

  • You can create an account with Login.gov and choose Login.gov from the Research Organization list.



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