Updating Checklist for ILLiad 9.2

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Prior to Updating

  • Contact your support representative if hosted by OCLC or Atlas Systems or your local server administrator if you are self-hosted for ILLiad to schedule your update. 
  • Review the 9.2 Release Notes and 9.2 FAQ.
  • If you use the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) functionality in the ILLiad Client to perform CCC searches and place CCC copyright orders, you must ensure you have a corporate account for the CCC, can successfully log into the Marketplace, and have billing information set up.
    • The CCC no longer supports anonymous searching. Institutions will need to create an account and configure the username and password in the CCCUsername and CCCPassword Customization Keys. Accounts can be created in the CCC marketplace registration form. When selecting an account, institutions will need to create a corporate account NOT an individual. After creating your account, please contact the CCC to change your default payment method to invoice.
    • If your institution does not use ILLiad to perform CCC copyright searches and orders, then you will not need to set up a CCC Marketplace account after updating. However, you will need to disable the CCC Auto Search to avoid triggering error messages related to missing CCC credentials information on the Process Copyright screen. For details, see Using ILLiad Copyright Processing Without a CCC Marketplace Account After the 9.1.4/9.2 Update.
  • If applicable - Ensure your staff members have access to DOCLINE from a supported authentication method.
    • If you're currently using Google Auth, please note, this authentication method may not be supported after updating to v9.2. You may have to use an alternative authentication method due to Google's restrictions on embedded browsers.

During the Update

  • Please expect approximately 1-3 hours of downtime to perform the entire update.
  • After your host provider updates the server, install the Client on all workstations.
  • The ISO Service will require a manual upgrade after updating to 9.2. See ISO Service Upgrade for instructions. Note: The upgrade instructions differ for sites updating from 9.1 to 9.2 and sites updating from 9.0 to 9.2.

After Updating

  • Edit the display attributes in the web pages.
  • If applicable - update the Google Scholar Search addon.
  • If you've customized the borrowing request form in the Client, add the new Copyright Order and Order Placed fields and change the label of the "CCC Number" number field to "CCC Publication ID" for additional clarity.


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