ILLiad 9.2 FAQ

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In this article, we will go over frequently asked questions pertaining to the ILLiad 9.2 update. For a list of Features and Fixes in the 9.2 update, see the ILLiad 9.2 Release Notes

Updating to ILLiad 9.2

How do I receive updates when new versions or point releases of ILLiad are made publically available?

Atlas Systems provide release updates through the following modes of communication:

ILLiad Community Forum

Will the new default web pages overwrite any customizations I may have on my current web pages?

No, the web pages are not installed automatically during the update. A complete set of 9.2 web pages will be available for download on the ILLiad Downloads page when v9.2 is released. Having the web pages downloaded separately from the update installers prevents overwriting any customizations your institution may have created. 

When updating your web pages, please download the new default web pages and move any customizations you may have from your old web pages to the new defaults. 

If you have any questions or require Concierge Services when implementing the new web pages, please contact support at

Where can I find the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for the new default web pages?

For a copy of the most up-to-date VPAT, see About ILLiad- Including Frequently Requested Documentation (e.g., VPAT).


What will happen to the addons installed on my workstation after updating ILLiad?

If you are updating ILLiad from a prior version to version 9.2, your installed addons will be unchanged after updating. Your addons will be backed up to whichever version of each addon you have installed prior to updating and restored during the update process.

Do I need to update any of my addons after updating to v9.2?

Yes. The Google Scholar Search Client addon has been updated to use the latest version of the embedded Chromium browser implemented in the 9.2 ILLiad Client. Please visit the addon's page in the Addon Directory to download and re-install this addon at the latest version upon updating ILLiad to v9.2.

Copyright Clearance Center Web Service Update

Why were these changes made?

In order to enable copyright processing directly within the ILLiad Client, ILLiad must connect to the CCC web service by using its APIs to communicate information back and forth between the two platforms. The CCC has recently made several changes to its APIs, and as a result, the copyright interface in the ILLiad Client was updated to use the new APIs to maintain its connectivity with the CCC's web service. 

Can I continue using the old copyright functionality without making these changes? 

No. The CCC plans to remove support for the old APIs on August 31st, 2022. This means that you will need to update your version of ILLiad to either 9.1.4 or 9.2 before this date to apply these changes and continue using the copyright processing functionality in ILLiad. If you do not update ILLiad by this time, you will not be able to continue processing and submitting CCC copyright orders in the ILLiad Client.

How will this affect my current copyright processing workflows?

There should not be any major changes to your current copyright workflows. Some less frequently used functionality, such as canceling and checking the status of copyright orders, was removed by the CCC in the new APIs and now must be performed directly through the CCC's web interface. The ability to place special orders has been removed by the CCC and the ILLiad Client will no longer display a message stating "Contact Rightsholder Directly." Other major functionality, such as searching for an item's rightsholder, has been maintained but slightly changed and streamlined within the ILLiad Client due to the CCC's API changes. For complete details, see ILLiad Copyright Processing Changes After the CCC Web Service Update.

What do I need to do before updating to ensure that Copyright processing will work after updating ILLiad?

The CCC no longer supports anonymous searching, meaning that you will need to create a CCC account if your institution does not have one already in order to perform CCC searches and place copyright orders in ILLiad. If your institution does not use ILLiad to perform CCC copyright searches and orders, then you will not need to set up a CCC Marketplace account after updating. For more information on using the Process Copyright screen with a CCC account after the update, see Using ILLiad Copyright Processing Without a CCC Marketplace Account After the 9.1.4/9.2 Update.

Accounts can be created on the CCC's website: 

  • Note that when creating an account, you will need to select to create a corporate account and not an individual account. If your existing CCC account is an individual account, you will need to create a separate corporate account to use with ILLiad.
  • After creating your account, you will need to contact the CCC to request to switch your default payment method to invoice. If your payment method is not switched, you will not be able to submit copyright orders through ILLiad. All new accounts created within the past 6 months will need to complete this step before processing copyright orders.
  • Please ensure that the CCCUsername and CCCPassword customization keys in the ILLiad Customization Manager contain the valid CCC account information for your institution. 
  • CCC orders must now include a billing address, which is drawn from the BillingAddress fields for each ILLiad site configured in the Customization Manager's LocalInfo table. Please ensure that all BillingAddress fields for your ILLiad sites in this table have values configured and that these values match the billing address on your CCC Marketplace account.

Can I still use the non-CCC-releated features of the Process Copyright screen in ILLiad without creating a CCC account?

Yes. After updating to ILLiad 9.2, you can continue to use the Process Copyright screen for non-CCC-related actions such as tracking fair use limits for journal titles. However, you will need to disable the CCC Auto Search function on the Process Copyright screen to avoid errors triggered by missing CCC account credentials. For more information, see Using ILLiad Copyright Processing Without a CCC Marketplace Account After the 9.1.4/9.2 Update.

Do I need to change anything in my ILLiad Client after updating to 9.2 to implement the changes?

Several fields have been added to the Borrowing Request form in the ILLiad Client to help with tracking copyright orders using the new web service. If you are using a customized layout in the Client, then you will have to add these fields manually using the layout customization feature.  For complete details, see the "Enabling the new fields" section of the related documentation.

Why am I receiving an "Error retrieving price information from the CCC" message after updating?

This error will appear if a preferred currency was not set by selecting a country during the account registration process. When you originally filled out the registration form for the account, this option may not have been available. The only way to fix this issue is to have the CCC pre-populate the preferred currency on their end. If you're receiving this error message, please contact Atlas Support at

Why am I receiving an "Unable to retrieve estimate" message in the Right field?

Results will not be returned for items requiring a CCC special order in the new CCC web service. For any publications for which it is not possible to determine permissions or copyright costs (including those requiring a special order), the copyright search form will display a message stating "Unable to retrieve permissions" or "Unable to retrieve estimate." You may also either see no search results at all for a transaction or "Denied" in the Right field. In all such cases, the Save CCC Information button will be disabled and these items will need to be ordered using an alternative source.


Will the ILLiad release fix the issues I have experienced logging into DOCLINE?

The 9.2 release will fix all DOCLINE login methods impacted by the depreciation of IE, however, Google accounts will NOT work after updating to v9.2 due to Google no longer allowing authentication via embedded browsers. For more information, please see Google's reasoning for this change.

Before updating please ensure that you have configured one of the ILLiad-supported DOCLINE login methods for 9.2 detailed in the DOCLINE Login Methods Before and After the 9.2 Update article.

Can I use the DOCLINE Auto Updater in ILLiad 9.2?

Yes, the 9.2 release will fix the issues with the DOCLINE Auto Updater and you will be able to use the automatic update method for all DOCLINE scripts updates going forward. 

Integrated SAML Setup with Single Sign-On Support

If I have already implemented SAML-based authentication in ILLiad will I need to make any changes?

No. If you have already configured Shibboleth or another SAML-based system to work with ILLiad you should continue using your existing solution upon updating to ILLiad v9.2. The integrated SAML Module is intended as a solution for those unable to install their Service Provider module on the ILLiad Server.

Is ILLiad v9.2 compatible with OpenAthens?

Prior to v9.2, ILLiad only supported OpenAthens as an IDP using third-party SAML SP software, such as EZProxy or the well-known Shibboleth SP software. The native SAML Module included with ILLiad v9.2 integrates support for SAML authentication directly into ILLiad so that using OpenAthens no longer requires EZ Proxy or other third-party software. It isn't a full OpenAthens integration, but it should allow institutions using OpenAthens as an IDP to lay much of the groundwork that we need in place to have tighter integration later on.

Can I use the RemoteAuthValidation table with the SAML Module?

Yes. The SAML Module supports the use of the RemoteAuthValidation table to create and update user records imported from your SAML authentication provider. For more information on configuring this table, see Authentication Enhancements: RemoteAuthValidation table.

Can Atlas help me configure the SAML Module for my institution?

The SAML Module itself will have to be configured by your hosting provider and IT staff. Instructions on configuring this module can be found here. However, Atlas is offering a package to help you implement several ILLiad features used with remote authentication, such as the RemoteAuthValidation table and User Creation features. To learn more, please contact Atlas Support at

Can I use Testweb to test remote authentication using the SAML module before going live?

The remote authentication system in ILLiad is designed to use remote authentication based on the location of the actual web pages as specified by the RemoteAuthWebPath customization key, meaning that you cannot use the Testweb pages with RemoteAuth.

How much downtime should I expect when implementing the new SAML module?

Many of the configuration steps, such as configuring the RemoteAuthValidation table in the ILLiad Customization Manager and completing the SAML Module configuration files, do not require any downtime. If these settings are configured correctly, we estimate that implementing and testing the module will only need about an hour of downtime. 


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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