9.1 ISO Service Upgrade

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Product ILLiad
Version 9.1.x
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The ILLiad ISO Service has undergone some new configuration changes in the ILLiad 9.1 Release and will require a manual upgrade. This upgrade must be performed after the ILLiad 9.1 update to continue using the ISO Service. 
ILLiad versions prior to v9.1 will not be affected. If your institution would like to change to OpenJDK or are reaching the end of your Oracle's Java licensing, then we recommend updating to ILLiad 9.1 to take advantage of the new ISO Service changes. 


  1. Stop the ILLiad ISO Service.
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the ILLiad ISO directory (e.g. C:\ILLiad\iso).
  3. Uninstall the previous ILLiad ISO Service by running the uninstall command:
    installservice.bat -uninstall
    You must be in the ISO directory when running the command for the service to be properly uninstalled.
  4. Delete the older ISOService files. 
    1. If the following directories exist, delete the entire directory and all files inside: 
      • lib
      • meta-inf
      • SQL
    2. Delete the ILLiadISO.exe file.

      Please double check to ensure the file has been successfully deleted. If an error occurs during deletion, the system may consider the file to still be in use. If the file was not successfully deleted, restart the ILLiad server. After the system restarts, try deletion again.
  5. Unpackage the contents of the ISO.zip file (located in the ISO Service directory).
  6. Open PowerShell as administrator.
  7. CD to the ISO install path.
  8. Run the following Install.ps1 PowerShell script:
    .\Install.ps1 -InstallPath "C:\ILLiad\ISO\" 
If your ILLiad ISO directory is in a custom location, run the PowerShell script indicating the custom InstallPath directory of the ISO service in place of "C:\ILLiad\ISO\".



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