Lending - Forwarding Requests via ISO ILL

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ISO ILL requests can be forwarded (or referred) to another ISO ILL Library on the same server within ILLiad using the standard ILLiad Route icon. When a Lending request is received for a site, if that site needs to send the request to a different site on the same ILLiad server, they can choose Route from the Lending Request ribbon and choose the site to receive the forwarded request. This takes the request and marks it as Cancelled by ILL Staff, with a Reason for Cancellation of Referred via ISO ILL. The request is returned via ISO ILL to the Borrower/Requester, and automatically forwarded back to the new ILLiad site (if the Requester is using ILLiad, RLG ILL Manager, or any system that supports the RLG Requester service). This differs from non-ISO ILL requests. Non ISO ILL requests in ILLiad are moved from one site to the other. ISO ILL requests are cancelled at the original receiving library and a new request is received at the referred library.


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